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Our futur

At Cyclops we understand that the health of the planet and human health are more than ever linked.
We are therefore looking to the future with a lot of new ideas in mind, in order to offer even more responsible products.
We are working every day to improve ourselves.

Our projects :

- New materials :

Indeed, global warming, at the heart of our mobilization, forces us to turn to materials with a lower environmental impact.
This is why we are currently studying the use of recycled materials, such as recycled polyester in order to revalue used plastic bottles. Recycled cotton and recycled wool are other alternatives that we would like to develop in order to use materials that are already present.

- New partners :

We want to relocate part of our production to European and French workshops, to enhance local employment and limit CO2 emissions thanks to materials that are already present locally.
Basically, the materials we were talking about above!

- New products :

In the near future, we aim to offer you new products so that you can continue to dress in the best way possible.
In addition to our t-shirts and sweatshirtswe plan to make long-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies, hats, socks, but also other fashion accessories.

- Second hand :

The least polluting garment is the one you already wear. The problem is that you also have clothes that you no longer wear.
Either it doesn't fit anymore, you don't like it anymore or an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend gave it to you!
We would like to give you an alternative to get rid of it in the best possible way, thanks to second hand.
This circular model is part of an anti-waste approach, to which you contribute.

In concrete terms : 

1. You send us your Cyclops garment
2. We evaluate its condition in order to either :

- sell it online in the "second hand" section.
- send it to a fabric recycling factory.
- donate it to needy populations.

You receive a promotional code to choose new Cyclops products.
Together, we are shaking up the conventional cycle of consumption!

- The Cyclops Association

From 2022, we want to create a non-profit organisation and finance several actions thanks to a part of our profits. Our objectives: ecology and education.

We are currently working on an educational programme for children, particularly in India, who have no access to education. We know that they are the ones who will build the world of tomorrow, and access to education is one of the tools that will give them the chance to afford a world worthy of their wildest dreams.

Therefore, implementing ecological actions in line with the values of our brand seemed to us to be an obvious choice. This includes cleaning up our coastlines and oceans, raising awareness of over-consumption among young and old alike, and supporting new companies in carrying out a project that aims, like ours, to change the world.

It may seem utopian, but we are convinced that sharing, mutual aid and love for others are the values that will build the world we all dream of. The time is obviously serious and we all know it, but fortunately there is still time, and as long as there is hope, Cyclops and its association will do everything possible to ensure that our future is as beautiful as our nature.

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